Welcome to Proppa Gramma

Welcome to Proppa Gramma.  If you're reading this then you're definitely literate (Congratulations).  If you're listening to this then you're probably blind.  If you're smelling this then your computer is on fire and if you're tasting this then the LSD has definitely kicked in.  Whatever the case, you have found your way here.  Come in, take your shoes off.  Relax.  Stay for awhile.

Are you asking yourself: "What's this blog all about?  Who is this guy, Proppa Gramma?  Why is he inviting me to stay for awhile?  Is he Russian?  Is this fake news?"   Geez, what's with the grand inquisition? I don't even know you. Stop asking so many questions! Read a few posts.  If you like what you see then keep coming back.  If you're confused, it's ok.  It happens.  If you find yourself suffering from constipation, dry mouth, suicidal thoughts, restless leg syndrome or lightheadedness then see your doctor immediately.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you keep coming back

-Proppa Gramma


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